filipinangel (filipinangel) wrote,

I'm very Happy and Excited...:D

Here is why...

All I can say is masaga, my mahal is gonna be back in Manhattan today. Sad to say that I'm at work right now... and Yes! It's not busy... or else I wouldn't be doing this. ;)

He should be back into town by 3pm... and I get off here at 5pm... Yay! :D

On another note... All is good in life... I'm working my butt off.. My legs are tired, but I gotta get rid of that 3 week couch potato(ness?) that I acquired while vacationing in Florida...hehe...Heels prolly don't help right now...

I need to give a shout out to my friend Marinette again... She saved me in my time of boredom... hehe my only day off this past Sunday...It was fun to catch up and reminisce...I miss that girl...We have the craziest conversations sometimes ;) Thanks sooo much Ading!! :D

Well, back to the boredom...again... Wish me luck in making sales...So far I'm kicking butt. :D

OH and mahal... It's great to have you back...


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