filipinangel (filipinangel) wrote,

End of Vacation...:(

I know that I am a few days late, but it's sad to say but my vacation w/ my mahal in Florida ended Sunday. Although I know that it was time...and that I've sat on my butt for too long... My day would've been better if everything went on schedule.

My flight was supposed to leave Orlando at 3:40 but apparently the crew that was supposed to fly were stuck in Pensacola due to some plane problems. That flight ended up being pushed back all the way to 6:10. By that time I wanted masaga to pick me up, and I would have found another way home (i.e., parents drive and pick me up... Selfish I know). Luckily, I heard them call my last name and they had me on the other flight to Ft. Lauderdale. That flight was scheduled to leave at 4:55, so guess what... I missed my 2nd connection to Atlanta. Originally it I was supposed to leave for Atlanta at 5:28 but I didn't get into Atlanta til almost 6. So after working out all the details w/ an agent I got on the 7:15 flight. By the time I got to Atlanta, I missed the 3rd connection of course at 8:54. I would've been home just before 10pm. So I took the 10:42 flight to KC and blech it was a long day. I am at least very glad that through all that they did not lose my luggage.

And so I have decided that I will not fly on an airplane for a pretty long time. Looks like we will be doing a lot of driving to get from point A to point B.

I am writing this to everyone now while I am at work at Zotci's, and it's kinda sad to be back. *Sigh* No more freedom and stress is gonna come back for sure. I say this because my family has already made some comments, and I choose to forget them... So these comments will not be posted here.

And with a friend moving into a house of his own and talking about living together with my BF, I am getting anxious to have a place of my own. What can I say... Having a vacation for 3 weeks with a lot of free time has left my mind to wander.

For now I've got to take care of errands, work, and most importantly myself. I'll try not to mind about the fam and other peeps. Well, won't I be taking some stress and frustrations out by exercising and playing WoW ;).


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