filipinangel (filipinangel) wrote,

Finally...I mean WoW!!

Hello again everyone,

I've just got to let everyone know that during this time here in Florida, I finally did it... I mean I hit level 60 in World of Warcraft. It took some time, and I must apologize to banazir b/c the leveling postponed me from getting anymore work done on massforge. I would like to hear from you Dr. Hsu, but I also know what a very, very, very busy man you are.

Sorry that's all that I have for you now...

Well, I guess mahal and I are finally gonna do something touristy here in Florida. The Mall of Millenia is really high class. I can't wait to go shopping there... I plan to get something really nice for my parents :D

Anywayz-Nite Nite for now...


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