filipinangel (filipinangel) wrote,

Bored & Waiting...

Well, I just got done with my 1st class this morning (i.e., Finance), and I just wanna go home for the day. As of right now I am sitting in the Union, on campus- just bored outta my mind. It is freaking packed here this morning...lots of conferences and other events going on. Considering this is the next round of summer classes, the parking lots were almost full by the time I got to campus. This might mean that I have to get up earlier to get parking. :| Well, it being June 6th, my 3rd and final summer class begins today at 10:20. I'm just really tired, probably due to my wonderful birthday celebration yesterday. Guess what I did, or more importantly what I didn't do? Well, I didn't work and didn't do anything school related. And then it involved tons of WoW time with masaga... Hehe... I'm still tired though, and I'm not looking forward to 2 hours of Management. Then an hour and 15 min. worth of Accounting. Blech! Life is just kinda sucking for me right now- school and work wise. VacationVacationVacation... Then maybe I can get some real peace of mind for once. :D
Almost about that time... I guess I should go *thinking*... Hehe... Of course I'm going to go. Gonna go right now.
And sad to say looks like this class is gonna cut into massforge meeting times. I'm sorry banazir. It looks like I'll be bringing my sketchbook down to Florida. ;)
Well, I'm out.


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