July 23rd, 2006

Engaged and in Orlando, FL

zOMG All...It's been forever....

A lot of great news and a new adventure begins!

Masaga and I got engaged on July 11th... (I know I know) :D <3 Masaga
I need to put up pics of the ring I think ;P

Also, Masaga and I just made it back to Orlando, but this time it's for a while... We'd say a few years... This is our new adventure together and it's starting off wonderfully :D Don't get us wrong we miss the midwest, our family, and our friends-- No one and nothing will ever will replace those...

We'll be heading back for Christmas of course... and next year I've got to have the wedding planned ;P

Kinda short but time to show a friend the life of WoW ;P And, it's been a crazy day for Masaga and I... Time to veg and relax for now...

See ya in my next post!