Engaged and in Orlando, FL

zOMG All...It's been forever....

A lot of great news and a new adventure begins!

Masaga and I got engaged on July 11th... (I know I know) :D <3 Masaga
I need to put up pics of the ring I think ;P

Also, Masaga and I just made it back to Orlando, but this time it's for a while... We'd say a few years... This is our new adventure together and it's starting off wonderfully :D Don't get us wrong we miss the midwest, our family, and our friends-- No one and nothing will ever will replace those...

We'll be heading back for Christmas of course... and next year I've got to have the wedding planned ;P

Kinda short but time to show a friend the life of WoW ;P And, it's been a crazy day for Masaga and I... Time to veg and relax for now...

See ya in my next post!


OMG.. It's finally time!! :D

Hello again LJ,

I have much more exciting and the best news ever in a while...

I am done w/ all my college classes and took my last test today!! WooHoo!! I am walking i.e. Graduating this Saturday at 1 pm. I am soo excited and have been sooo ready :D And now to sound like a total girl, I need to decide what to wear!!

Thanks to all that I've had support me... Now it's time to celebrate and party!!! :D

See ya,
I'm out for now...hehe CELEBRATING!!


Ugh.. :(

Time to vent again to LJ.

All that comes to mind is Double Standard and Being Let Down.

So sorry... but ugh... gonna start carrying a actual paper journal with me from now on ( hopefully :P )

For now it's time to sleep and forget and just worry most about passing/graduating.


Hurt/Bummed out/somewhat Aggravated "filipinangel" = short LJ

One Month Left!!! :D

Hello everyone,

OMG it's been forever since I've written in my livejournal. Anywayz, I've been counting down the days until my graduation. Yes... I am finally getting my Bachelor's in Apparel Marketing ;) I know ...I know it's about time :P

Of course, I will still be in Manhattan waiting for my mahal to finish his Masters in CIS. So gonna be working a lot. We'll see where we will end up... As of now it looks like Orlando...

See you in the next entry ;P


What I've decided...

Well.. guess where I'm at...

Aside from feeling under the weather and just plain tired I've come to a few decisions on a few things...

1. I would like to own a PDA some time...(need money if I'm gonna buy it myself ;P )

2. I'm going to keep a private journal for myself... paper form...like the good ole days

3. I'm gonna get more exercise time in... MWF mornings...

4. I will "try" to get to bed earlier...

5. Definitely need a punching bag for those days when World of Warcraft is either not available to relieve frustration or just to seriously beat the **it out of something... (hehe..bad week last week)

6. I've gotta reduce my shopping, even window shopping to a bare minimum... Save Save Save...

7. Gotta get more girl time in... 'cept we're all busy... =(


I'm sure that there are more...but these are probably what I am taking care of...

Well, wish me luck on this long and achingly, slow day... :|



Hello everyone,

Well, it's the 2nd day of classes here in Kansas, although the high school and elementary kids started last Thursday... Haha!! ;) (j/k btw) ...Anywayz I'm here in the computer labs ready to go home. This morning getting up at 6am was a shock to the system, I think.. Haven't done that since classes earlier this summer... Ready to go home still... Don't get me wrong, I've got an easy semester (only 10 hours), but blech it feels sooo long... Funny this semester should be easier than my summer... Maybe it's just because it looks soo depressing and bleak outside. It's time to stay inside and take a nap... Unfortunately, I've got one more class to go and then I've got to go to Zotci's, which still isn't paying for my internship :( So yeah... here's what's going on...

1. 10 credit hours... so that prolly means no financial aid...and STILL need my textbooks

2. Work: still Chinese Chef (family restaurant) and Zotci's (Internship...unpaid)... No Throckmorton b/c I don't want to return to that =(
... Gonna be poooor this semester then

3. Still living at home... where I'm a slave to burning dramas for my mom and lola...Stress Stress Stress

4. Indecisive about my future... just don't want to do retail right off the bat (Awww masaga is done w/ Masters in May :D )

5. Need a scholarship for London if I go, but would still have quite a bit of expenses

6. massforge is still on my to-do list... just need some more time and input

7. GRADUATING in December!! :D "About gosh darn time" <-- Prolly what the fam has been saying... Graduating in Apparel & Textiles w/ a Specialization in Marketing and Minors in Japanese and Business... Didn't get to finish my Digital Art degree...Yet...

Hmmm... That should be all for now...
oh ... Shoutouts...

Babe (Masaga): Love You! <3

Macho: You lucky bastard! ...getting to go to Japan (only 5 days though)... Good Luck!! Oh and yes.. you suck... I can't believe you went back to FFXI... should've joined WoW... =(

Marinette: Hey Ading! Hope that life is going well for you and hopefully I get to go up to KC to see you some time soon... Take Care!

shefro: Hope that your trip to Germany great! Haven't seen you in forever but hope to tty soon!

Kuya and Family: How's everyone doing? Been hearing funny things about my lil niece ;) Can't wait til everyone visits again... prolly when my new niece will be born.. Thought of any names yet?

banazir: How are you doing? Prolly still busy as ever ;) Don't work too hard! and Hope that London was somewhat of a vacation

Okay there are definitely more people out there that I want to say quite a bit to, but Hmmmm class in 45 min. and over how many dozens of people I would love to talk to and hear from again... Ummm.. just expect a graduation invitation. ;)

So bored filipinangel = long livejournal...

Laterz everyone,

I'm very Happy and Excited...:D

Here is why...

All I can say is masaga, my mahal is gonna be back in Manhattan today. Sad to say that I'm at work right now... and Yes! It's not busy... or else I wouldn't be doing this. ;)

He should be back into town by 3pm... and I get off here at 5pm... Yay! :D

On another note... All is good in life... I'm working my butt off.. My legs are tired, but I gotta get rid of that 3 week couch potato(ness?) that I acquired while vacationing in Florida...hehe...Heels prolly don't help right now...

I need to give a shout out to my friend Marinette again... She saved me in my time of boredom... hehe my only day off this past Sunday...It was fun to catch up and reminisce...I miss that girl...We have the craziest conversations sometimes ;) Thanks sooo much Ading!! :D

Well, back to the boredom...again... Wish me luck in making sales...So far I'm kicking butt. :D

OH and mahal... It's great to have you back...


End of Vacation...:(

I know that I am a few days late, but it's sad to say but my vacation w/ my mahal in Florida ended Sunday. Although I know that it was time...and that I've sat on my butt for too long... My day would've been better if everything went on schedule.

My flight was supposed to leave Orlando at 3:40 but apparently the crew that was supposed to fly were stuck in Pensacola due to some plane problems. That flight ended up being pushed back all the way to 6:10. By that time I wanted masaga to pick me up, and I would have found another way home (i.e., parents drive and pick me up... Selfish I know). Luckily, I heard them call my last name and they had me on the other flight to Ft. Lauderdale. That flight was scheduled to leave at 4:55, so guess what... I missed my 2nd connection to Atlanta. Originally it I was supposed to leave for Atlanta at 5:28 but I didn't get into Atlanta til almost 6. So after working out all the details w/ an agent I got on the 7:15 flight. By the time I got to Atlanta, I missed the 3rd connection of course at 8:54. I would've been home just before 10pm. So I took the 10:42 flight to KC and blech it was a long day. I am at least very glad that through all that they did not lose my luggage.

And so I have decided that I will not fly on an airplane for a pretty long time. Looks like we will be doing a lot of driving to get from point A to point B.

I am writing this to everyone now while I am at work at Zotci's, and it's kinda sad to be back. *Sigh* No more freedom and stress is gonna come back for sure. I say this because my family has already made some comments, and I choose to forget them... So these comments will not be posted here.

And with a friend moving into a house of his own and talking about living together with my BF, I am getting anxious to have a place of my own. What can I say... Having a vacation for 3 weeks with a lot of free time has left my mind to wander.

For now I've got to take care of errands, work, and most importantly myself. I'll try not to mind about the fam and other peeps. Well, won't I be taking some stress and frustrations out by exercising and playing WoW ;).


Finally...I mean WoW!!

Hello again everyone,

I've just got to let everyone know that during this time here in Florida, I finally did it... I mean I hit level 60 in World of Warcraft. It took some time, and I must apologize to banazir b/c the leveling postponed me from getting anymore work done on massforge. I would like to hear from you Dr. Hsu, but I also know what a very, very, very busy man you are.

Sorry that's all that I have for you now...

Well, I guess mahal and I are finally gonna do something touristy here in Florida. The Mall of Millenia is really high class. I can't wait to go shopping there... I plan to get something really nice for my parents :D

Anywayz-Nite Nite for now...